How to Handle Hands – Posing Techniques for Photographers and Models

Hands will make or break your shot in a heartbeat. Generally a woman’s hands should appear graceful. You want to achieve a soft, elegant and natural position of the hands so that they do not become a distraction. Angled wrists and claw like fingers are things that we generally would not notice when we watch a pretty girl in person, but preserve them in a photograph and they suddenly become a distraction that will take away from your subject’s natural beauty.
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Models – Julia Frauche, Top Model at Fashion Week Spring 2012 | FashionTV

FashionTV highlights model Julia Frauche in this Models clip from Spring/Summer 2012. Frauche was born close to Paris, but grew up in Cannes, France. She was discovered when she was 16 but decided to wait until 18 to start modeling professionally.
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